Andy Frisella’s 75-day challenge

Type: Activity

Learning outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

I learned about this challenge scrolling through the internet and I was immediately curious to see if I had the mental strength to do it. The challenge was created by Andy Frisella, an entrepreneur and author, and it consists of doing certain tasks daily, like picking a diet (any diet), reading 10 pages of nonfiction, drinking a gallon of water, doing exercise for at least 45 minutes twice a day (one of the sessions must be outside), and taking a 5-minute cold shower. I counted this for CAS because it contains activity, however I decided that instead of just reflecting on the exercise I would do it as a whole because it was a very holistic growth experience that impacted me in many ways.

Date: June 25, 2021

I was able to maintain a good regimen for 25 days, and I feel very accomplished. I did have to drop the cold shower because I got a cold two weeks in, but aside from that I have done the other tasks. My indoor exercise usually consists of cardio workouts from YouTube –I usually use the same page called LIFE and do 2 workouts since most of their videos are less than 45 minutes– or yoga with my mom also from videos on YouTube. Up until now, this has impacted my day greatly, especially doing yoga with my mom in the mornings because I feel a lot more active and productive during the rest of the day, and also because we both help each other with the poses and work collaboratively and I can see how that has allowed me to improve. For the outdoor exercise I usually jog for 45 minutes at the park next to where I live. I was very surprised by how every day it was a little bit easier and I felt more capable when jogging or doing the cardio workouts, since at first I got tired very quickly and had to rest or walk intermittently, which I now do less often. I chose the diet to just be no sugary drinks or junk food, and the book I am reading is ‘Principles’ by Ray Dalio because I saw a video of him speaking at Stanford University and thought he had a very interesting way of thinking.


Cardio workouts:

Date: July 20, 2021

Getting to day 50 was extremely hard because some days it felt like I wouldn’t have time to do exercise twice or be able to drink an entire gallon of water. Especially during vacations, because I had to work a lot on my IAs whilst also seeing my friends, I sometimes thought I just wouldn’t do it for one day and it would be fine. This however, made me very uncomfortable and I always ended up doing the tasks either by working out at my friends’s houses or running to their houses with a bag to then change clothes. My friends have supported me a lot with this and sometimes even write to ask me if I’ve already done exercise to either remind me or ask if they can join me. Feeling physically better and stronger has also been a huge help to my confidence and overall wellbeing because it is a constant reminder of how being active is affecting not only my mind but also my body. Surprisingly, not having sugary drinks or junk food has been quite easy and I feel like it’s something I could continue after the 75 days are done because I am now a lot more aware of how greasy and unhealthy a meal from McDonalds actually is. I did end up reading a lot more than 10 pages a day from Ray Dalio’s book because it was very interesting; he outlined the principles that he and his company apply on a regular basis and why he thinks having a defined set of principles was key to his success. He advises readers to literally write down their own set of principles, and although I haven’t yet done so, I definitely intend to sit down one day and do it. I finished his book in day 31, so now I’m reading a book called ‘The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains’ by Antony Lewis, which he describes as an “introduction to cryptocurrencies and the technology that powers them”.

Date: August 14, 2021

I finally reached day 75, and I am honestly but pleasantly surprised that I was able to do it. I must admit that at first I was doing it out of pride and stubbornness, just trying to prove that I had the mental toughness to do it. It definitely involves a lot of mental toughness, but in retrospect I think you need to also have a lot of support from the people around you; my mom is one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t forget to exercise every day because she reminded and encouraged me, and also my friends who sometimes even waited for me to finish exercising before going out. Personally, I feel like exercising every day was very fulfilling and allowed me to improve physically, but it sometimes felt like an obligation so from now on I will probably do it twice or thrice a week instead of every day. Doing this challenge was a very rewarding experience that has made me grow and develop in a way that has especially impacted my self-awareness over my body and health.

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