Type: Activity

Learning outcomes: 1,2, 4 & 5

One sport I took on was boxing, I had never done it before but a lot of my cousins had started training and they recommended it. It looked very fun, so I started to have sessions thrice a week with my brother and sometimes my mom. I quickly learned that it was very challenging because there was a lot of technique involved and also a lot of preparation that focused on developing resistance. It was a great experience because with every session I noticed myself getting stronger and feeling better overall, plus, my trainer was very friendly but also knowledgeable about exercise and physiology, so I learned about how my body was affected by exercise. This encouraged me to become more mindful about the importance of being active and healthy.

En el año 2020 realizamos con Lara Gonzalez, entrenamiento para fortalecer y desarrollar nuestras cualidades físicas en cuanto a potencia, fuerza, resistencia y elasticidad y mejorar técnicas de boxeo. Las cuales se trabajaron de forma progresiva de un nivel básico a uno más complejos donde observamos mejoras en cuanto a la calidad del movimiento y su postura al momento de realizar dichas técnicas. Logre observar la mejora de su coordinación y su resistencia que fue aumentando de forma progresiva al igual que su potencia durante la realización de cada sesión de entrenamiento. –Jeandro García, boxing trainer

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