Debate Club

Type: Creativity

Learning outcomes: 2, 4, 5, 6 & 7

I participated in the debate club in 2020 and 2021, which was a great experience intellectually but also because it exposed me to a lot of different perspectives. We first used a couple of sessions to learn about certain topics regarding politics, the environment and societal conflicts, plus the different opinions surrounding them, and then we held sessions doing mock debates in groups and developing arguments by getting familiarized with the different standpoints. I definitely think that this experience has helped me grow my knowledge of global issues and also develop more confidence when speaking and arguing a position. Another great challenge was sometimes having to argue for a side that I personally didn’t agree with, however I can see how understanding how others rationalize and think is an essential skill that not only helped me to become mindful and be more respectful of different opinions, but also helped me refine and identify fallacies or inconsistencies in my own way of thinking, for which I now have a more solid foundation.

“Lara has been a very important member of the debate club this year. She has had a persistent attendance and has showed a great interest. I remember Lara always giving her opinion in discussions with enthusiasm, and having a positive attitude towards participating in practice debates, games and other activities in the training sessions. I have seen Lara’s improvement in her public speaking style, arguments and confidence as a result of her effort and dedication to the club. It has been great to have her as a member this year!” – Alexandra Ferreyros, 2020 debate club captain

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