Type: Activity

Learning outcomes: 1, 2 & 3

I started training at the Regatas Club in fencing during the summer and continued at the beginning of the school year. Immediately I was very interested in the sport because, well, I had a sword. When I started training I realized it was actually quite difficult because you had to refine your technique and learn to anticipate your opponent’s actions. Learning the fighting stance was a bit difficult because I had to develop and work on my flexibility and become accustomed to having my arm raised, plus also being able to walk backwards and towards in that stance. I had to practice at home which always amused my brother whenever he saw me going to the kitchen to get a snack in a fighting stance. One thing my trainer noted was that I had a naturally offensive style, which usually put me at a disadvantage because I was not yet skilled enough to recover from a failed attack. The problem is that when fencing, attacking your opponent makes you vulnerable because you leave your body unguarded by stretching to reach the other person, so if they evade the attack it is a lot easier for them to retaliate. I had to practice a lot and after a few weeks I was able to recover into a correct defensive stance, but I also learned to identify when to actually attack and when to remain defensive instead of being sloppy and impatient. Because of the lockdown, I wasn’t able to continue fencing but I would definitely love to resume eventually.

“Lara participó en esgrima en el Club Regatas a comienzos del 2020. Por la pandemia no hubo suficiente tiempo de ver tanto el avance de su técnica pero tuvo un buen desempeño en los entrenamientos.” –Andrey Sladkov, entrenador de esgrima

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