Patitas del Camino

Type: Service

Learning outcomes: 3, 4 & 6

Patitas del Camino is a nonprofit organization that helps stray dogs in Lima, Peru. It was created by a teacher at San Silvestre called Kira Natoli, who rescues these dogs and gives them shelter. The aim of Patitas del Camino is to raise funds to help take care of the dogs and give them basic necessities like food and medicine. We met once every two weeks to brainstorm ideas to raise money and we decided to do a raffle. I worked with a group of students to organize the raffle, raise awareness and design the posters and posts for the instagram page. I have always loved animals and sadly living in Lima is, I think, a shared experience that serves as a constant reminder of how badly some people treat dogs and animals who deserve nothing but proper care. In the future, I would love to continue being involved with initiatives that helps give stray animals access to food and medicine, a good home, and a better life. Animals are the prime example of how horrible people can sometimes be because they have absolutely no way of speaking for themselves, and being of service to them is the least we can do as a society to help them and get them out of the streets.

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