Type: Service

Perú CHAMPS is a non-profit organization that targets the grave unbalance in Peru’s quality education through scholarships and initiatives for low-income children with exceptional talents in academics, arts, and/or sports. I participated in the Leadership and Entrepreneurship program as a mentor. The aim was to help the kids create a business plan for a product or service with a socially sustainable purpose and execute it. Throughout the six-week duration of the program, I was able to connect with the kids in my Ayllu (the name for the assigned groups), all of whom were incredibly passionate and inspiring.

Date: June 13th, 2020

In my Ayllu we decided to create an arts & crafts workshop of how to grow a plant and decorate it using recycled materials. We planned a presentation with the instructions and each one of the kids was in charge of a section where they explained one of the steps. We all really enjoyed it and learned about the importance of thinking creatively and caring for the environment. During the mentoring process the kids were a bit shy at first but as time passed they began to open up and we got to see their personalities. All of them were very lovely and driven people and I hope that any guidance we gave them is useful to them in the future. After the workshop, we were able to bond and talk about the experience in a more relaxed way, and after they sent us photos of how their plants grew and how they took care of them.

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